Call Scripts/ Webforms

This article walks you through how Forefront provides you a native Callscript or something that is also known as a Webform, which can you provide your bird dogs or cold callers.

To Learn more about Call Scripts/ Webforms check out the video below!

  • You can access the Call scripts/ Webforms under settings.

Once you are inside of the Call Scripts section, click on add Call script which will provide you a pop-up where you can start creating the script itself.

This is where you can see more information, add and remove other things as well such as:

  • Name – Name of the Call script
  • Description- Description of the Call script
  • Status- You can turn on and off the Call script itself.
  • URL- this is the URL/ Link that you can share to your Cold Callers or Bird dogs
  • Steps- These are the fields that will be inside the Call script that your cold callers or bird dogs that needs to Fill up as necessary.

Now Let’s move into how you can start adding the Steps in your Call script.

  1. First you need to click on New step, inside the steps field.

2. After clicking on New Step you will be presented with a small pop up window where you can select the Field you want to be added (These are the fields inside your Lead, this includes your Custom Fields) and where you can also add the statement that you Cold Callers will use.

  • You can continue adding as many steps as needed for you cold callers.

Once you are happy with the fields you have added, make sure to turn on the call script, save and test out the URL.