Buying & Selling Section

This allows you to quickly create an offer and allow you to track the buying and selling process

To learn more about or Buying and Selling check out the video below!

How it’s calculated

Fix and Flip buying calculation

ARV – Repair Costs – (Monthly Holding x Holding Months) – Other Costs – Desired Profit = MAO

Wholesale buying calculation

(ARV x Percentage) – Repair Costs – Other Costs – Wholesale Fee = MAO

  • Percentage is based on the 70% rule. You can customize that percentage to fit your local market.

The selling sections allow you to track your costs and actual profit. Watch the video below for an overview of both.

Fix and Flip Selling calculation

Actual Profit = Sale Amount – Total Costs – Latest Buying Offer

Wholesale Selling calculation

Actual Profit = Sale Amount – Latest Buying Offer

Earnest money is how much you are asking your buyer to pay to hold the property for them, and deposited is a yes or no option if the Earnest money has been deposited to the Title Company.