Forefront Snippets

This article walks you through how to use snippets with Forefront, Snippets can be used to create short canned responses or templates without the need to type them in which saves you time. You just have to select the one you wish to use and send it.

To Learn more about Snippets check out the video below!

To start creating snippets, make sure you are logged into Forefront, and on the Menu Pane on the left side click on Settings there you will find Snippets.

Once your are inside the snippets section, there you will find where you can create snippets for your Notes, Email and Text!

Creating Snippets

Notes Snippet

The notes snippet allows you to create a short template or a typical note that you add, which eliminates the need to type it in and saves you time.

Email Snippet

The Email snippets helps you out, by creating templates for commonly sent email messages.

Text Snippet

This allows you to create templates for short Text messages that you always send out to your Leads.

How to use your snippets

You can use your snippets in all locations where you can put in notes, send a text or send an email.

In this example we will show you how to do this inside the Lead itself, Notes, Email and Text.

  1. First access open up the lead where you want to use the snippets from there, focus your attention on the Notes, Text and Email tabs.

Inside these tabs you will have options inside the body of the message, from there you will find the snippet option.

2. Next all you need to do is click on the Snippet button, click on the one you want to use and your snippet is added!