September 27 – Q&A

Q: My inbox shows two new leads and three responses, but my lead manager’s inbox shows zero new leads. Why is that?

A: This could be due to lead source settings or filters.

The default settings for some lead sources might assign incoming leads to you, which is why you see them but your team members don’t.

For example, if your lead source is in smrtPhone or CallRail, make sure you check the Default settings for User, Temperature, and Campaign.

(Settings > Integrations > Click smrtPhone > in the number desired > Click Manage)

Additionally, please make sure to check your Inbox filters as well. (The funnel icon in the upper right)

Q: Why do some leads only show a phone number and no other information?

A: If you’re using smrtDialer and you call a lead from smrtDialer, but they miss your call or they call you back, it will show up in your Forefront CRM inbox as a new lead, but with only a phone number.

However, it’s important to note that currently, the information from smrtDialer to Forefront CRM only syncs when you push a lead from smrtDialer to Forefront.

If a lead in your smrtDialer list calls you, their data won’t automatically sync to Forefront CRM.

To work around this, you can try searching for the name and address of the lead by using their phone number within your smrtDialer campaign.

Sometimes, the number they use to call you might be different from the one in your smrtDialer list, but they could have the same name and address.

So for now, searching within smrtDialer can help you find the right information.

Q: How can I ensure my Lead Manager sees new leads in her inbox?

A: In your lead source settings, under the “User Defaults” section, you can choose a team member to assign leads to.

Set this appropriately for your Lead Manager.

Q: Are there any restrictions on users to see leads assigned to them?

A: You need to check the user settings as some users might have restrictions set up to hide data from them.

Owners and admin can do that by going to the profile picture icon, select Users in the dropdown, and click on the permissions they want for the user to check the box.

Q: How can I create terms and conditions for my website to comply with texting compliance requirements?

A: You may refer to Forefront’s terms and conditions as reference. (At the end of meeting, support team provided a template to the Client.)

Q: When someone responds “stop” to text messages, should an automated message be sent saying they’ve been unsubscribed from future texts?

A: Generally, opt-out messages or “stop” responses are added to your outgoing messages to ensure compliance, but it may not happen in real-time.

Once the end-user has replied “STOP” or related exit words, you don’t necessarily have to automate a reply message that lets them know they are unsubscribed.

You just put them or tag them in a DNC list, or remove them from your list.

Q: Can one campaign cover multiple companies, or should each company have a separate campaign for texting?

A: It’s recommended to have separate campaigns for different companies as the messaging and compliance requirements might differ.

If you have 3 different websites that cater to different business but it’s all owned by you, then yes, you should create separate campaigns for compliance purposes.

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