September 13 – Q&A

Q: When can I upload Document? Uses OneDrive, can be posted in the lead modal section.

A: Currently, we only have integration with Google Drive. However, if you’d like to link your OneDrive folder, you can use the notes section in the lead modal.

Q: So for the property details, why some of the leads are not showing the details?It says “There was an issue pulling from the data from the address.”

A: Some property especially newer ones or recent ones in the area, they are possibly not yet updated in our source data reason why when you pull it up it returns empty. In zillow, you can find them but in our source it could be not yet updated.

Q: Issue with smrtPhone mobile app in Android.

A: We recommend reaching out to smrtPhone team via their live chat support in their website for any mobile app issues you encounter.