November 22 – Q&A

Q: I never received a text when testing to send a text from forefront to my personal cell phone number. Does this mean that everybody that I’ve sent a text to didn’t receive a text as well?

A:  Usually it’s best to first check for your A2P registration to see if that is setup correctly. Here are some articles to give you a better picture.

Texts sent in Forefront get saved as you’re sending it. If it is not going through to your phone that could be on the carrier side, or it could be something potentially with smrtPhone as well. We also recommend that you reach out to SmrtPhone’s support because they can provide you with a better explanation on their A2P compliances.

Q: Do you know anyone that is currently implementing direct mail into follow up sequences? We use a mail provider that is pretty tech friendly and I think I can do it via Zapier

A: With follow up sequences. You’d want to do a webhook and then have that go to Zapier which would then send off a direct mail piece with your third party mail provider.
Here is a link to the article: Webhooks by Zapier to Forefront CRM

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