November 8 – Q&A

Q: When I go to the Leads page and try to sort the list by clicking on the name or address, it doesn’t seem to work. Whether I choose to sort alphabetically from A to Z or Z to A, the list stays the same. This issue occurs both in the Leads and Contacts pages. 

A: User was given a ticket after the Zoom session and it has been fixed. Sorting should now work.

Q: Is it possible for us to like add a custom field on the leads detail specifically on motivation dropdown?

A: While users can add custom fields in Lead Settings, the motivation dropdown is currently not customizable. For any requests regarding additions to the dropdown, users are advised to contact [email protected].

Q: Is there an update on the articles for the Knowledge Base? Some of the articles are not available.

A: We recently revamped our Knowledge Base, thus adding new categories. Some articles may not be visible yet, but we assure users that these articles will be added to their respective categories soon.

Q: I’m going through old tasks that were not completed on a few different leads. When I click on a task, a dialogue box will pop up at the bottom saying I no longer have access to this task. Is that because the expiration date has come and gone? It did not prevent me from doing anything, it still completed the task and checked it and marked as normal.

A: We checked during the session for any issues on tasks but have found none. We asked the user to provide us a screenshot the next time it appears so we can further troubleshoot the said issue.

Q: Is there a way to have that same Active pipeline view (horizontal view) for the follow-up pipeline?

A: There’s a reason for that. Due to the potential volume of records in the follow-up pipeline, a horizontal view is not feasible. It’s very similar to the inbox view so you can better see the text messages or the communications history for that lead.

Q: Can we create a Task template same as for Snippet function?

A: At the moment we don’t have that for Tasks. But you can utilize the Task automation found in Pipeline settings.

Set up your trigger, and then your action would be to create a task.

Q: What are the best practices for automated tasks?

A: When a lead comes in, it goes into New Contact status. One task automation could be assigning a task to your lead manager to call that lead and contact that lead to set up an appointment. 

Usually, the task for the lead manager is to call them 3x a day if they did not respond. Then set a task for the second day and the third day.

If lead has not responded at all, lead manager will put the lead into a follow-up sequence.

The follow-up sequence is also a big help for especially those contacts or leads that have ghosted you, has not been reachable or has not responded.

You can create several follow-up sequences for specific categories for your leads.

For example, for Dead leads – you can have a specific set of sequences of texts and emails for them. 

One thing you can also do is exporting your Dead leads and recycle them back in your phone dialer if you are using one, like smrtPhone’s  power dialer feature – smrtDialer. 

Or if it’s a large list of your compiled dead leads, you can put them in a prospecting tool like Launch Control, which we also integrate with.

Q: How can we merge duplicate contacts?

Answer: To merge duplicate contacts, follow these steps:

  • Examine both records and choose one as the primary/master record.
  • Manually move over any necessary information from the secondary record to the primary one.
  • If the contacts are assigned to different records, assign both contacts to the primary record.
  • Once you’ve detached the contact from the secondary record, you can delete the old record after copying relevant information.
  • If there are communications tied to the contact, be cautious as deleting a record with an unassigned contact will delete that contact and its communications.
  • If needed, check for communication back and forth between different contacts and decide if you want to keep that communication.
  • If there are multiple contacts on the primary record and you need to keep both, move them both, and then delete the old record.
  • Ensure that you have properly assigned contacts and communications to the desired primary record.

Additional notes:

  • If a contact is on both records with the same phone number, move that contact to the primary record and delete the old record.
  • If communications are not displaying correctly after moving a contact, check the communication thread in the contact modal to verify their presence.
  • Please note that communications are tied to the contact via the phone number, and it’s essential to review and manage them accordingly.

Q: I have trouble getting registered with CallRail and so I haven’t been able to send text messages from my CallRail numbers.

A: Check with CallRail if your A2P registration was approved.

In the case that the registration was not approved, your phone provider will provide details regarding your registration on what’s missing.

Find that out and make sure to include it in your next resubmission.

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