June 7 – Q&A

June 07, 2023 Q&A Notes – Tracking Call Logs, Number Registration, and Integrations

  1. How to track call logs when registering numbers into campaigns?
    • To track call logs when registering numbers into campaigns for A2P, your phone provider should have a reports page where you can track your logs and KPIs. All numbers used in the campaigns must beregistered to A2P. This is essential to meet the filtering and tracking requirements.
  2. Do you need to register the numbers when using CallRail integration for follow-up/drip campaigns?
    • Yes, all numbers used in the follow-up/drip campaigns with CallRail integration must be registered. Failure to register the numbers may result in non-compliance resulting to penalty and fees.
  3. Is it necessary to use more than one number for follow-up/drip campaigns in Forefront?
    • A user suggested to use more than one number for follow-up/drip campaigns in Forefront. By setting up different campaigns underneath the registration, we understand you can efficiently manage your communication with leads. However, as of the moment, Forefront only has 1 number per follow-up sequence but you can always change the number.
  4. When building campaigns and setting them up in a drip campaign, the follow-up sequence is not working. No emails/sms are being sent to the leads
    • Make sure that the settings in follow-up sequence (default status, email sender, campaign number) is all set up. When a lead replies to the drip campaign, it will show in your Inbox and the automation will pause.
  5. Can we print the comps pages?
    • As of now, printing comps pages is not a feature that is available. It has been requested as a feature, but there is no confirmation about its implementation yet.
  6. When do I need to register the phone numbers used for calling and texting leads in follow-up activities?
    • → Check out this article if you need help on registering for the communication compliance.
    • It’s crucial to note that after August 31, 2023, all unregistered 10DLC numbers will be blocked. There will be fees too.
    • This might sound serious, but remember – we’re here to help you transition smoothly if this affects you.
  7. Are there any plans to implement web and mobile app notifications for tasks or appointments?
    • As a small team, we currently don’t have a dedicated mobile developer. However, web and mobile app notifications for tasks or appointments have been requested as a feature and are on the roadmap for potential implementation this year
  8. If I am using smrtPhone integration, will the inbound calls come in on the Forefront mobile app?
    • If you are using SmrtPhone or CallRail integration, inbound calls will come into the SmrtPhone/CallRail mobile app. Make sure you download your phone provider app. Forefront’s mobile app will not be the platform for handling inbound calls from these integrations. However, you will be able to see the lead logs and activities in Forefront mobile app.
    • If you are using web app in a PC browser, make sure to download or install smrtPhone extension so you can use the one-click calling inside the CRM

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!