June 21 – Q&A

June 21, 2023 Q&A Notes

  1. We’re using Forefront phone numbers. Is signing up for the new phone system required?
    • Yes, signing up for the new phone system is required. You may choose between CallRail or smrtPhone. Visit our Knowledge Base and look for Phone Integration to know more about CallRail and smrtPhone.
  2. When switching to smrtPhone or CallRail, will the phone number remain the same?
    • Yes, clients wouldn’t lose their numbers when switching to smrtPhone or CallRail. You have the option to port your numbers to CallRail or smrtPhone.
  3. How to port my number to smrtPhone?
    • We have compiled all you need to know about porting: Click here
    • Alternatively, you may contact your chosen phone provider and they should be able to assist you.
  4. Are campaigns required to be registered in the phone system?
    • Yes, campaigns should be registered in the phone system for security compliance. Check out this article to know more.
  5. Unknown names and addresses are being created, creating false KPIs.
    • This is being worked on by our Dev team and will be implementing a fix soon.
  6. The Forefront Mobile app keeps asking to log in. Can it stay logged in?
    • The Forefront Mobile app’s login issue is known to the development team and it’s part of an authentication issue with iOS itself, and they are actively working on a solution. However, resolving this problem requires expertise in Mobile Development, which the team currently lacks due to its small size. As soon as the necessary resources become available or the team expands, they will prioritize addressing the login problem and aim to provide a smoother user experience in the app.
  7. The system wouldn’t verify the email address added. How many emails can be integrated into the CRM?
    • The CRM allows more than one email to be integrated into the account, and each user should be able to verify their emails. Make sure to check Spam folder as well. The invitation has an expiration so make sure to check on that as well.
  8. Is it better to assign dedicated numbers to Sales reps or assign specific numbers to campaigns?
    • It is recommended to assign specific numbers to campaigns to track your campaign (costs, calls, etc). Your Sales reps can have their own numbers as well. Depending on your preference, Sales reps can also use the last number that was called in to keep the communications consistent.
  9. Which phone system is better to use within Forefront CRM?
    • It depends on the account owner’s preference; both systems provide good service. You might want to visit both phone providers and book a demo to find out which one suits your business needs.
  10. Is the smrtPhone mobile app and recording available?
    • Yes, the smrtPhone mobile app and recording feature are available.
  11. Are recordings from CallRail available in Forefront?
    • Yes, recordings from CallRail are available in Forefront.
  12. Can ads be removed from the CRM?
    • The ads are actually the CEO’s event ads and the ads will only be displayed for a limited time, and they will be removed once the event is complete.’
  13. Duplicate contact: the system allows creating duplicate contacts even with the same information (e.g., Phone number, address).
    • If the contact was coming from 2 different webhooks, it will create 2 leads. Duplicate leads will merge if they use one webhook that is set up for multi-form.
    • The duplicate lead check is on Dev team’s work in progress but we don’t have ETA as to when it will be implemented.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!