December 20 – Q&A

Q: When accessing a record, the default view is now the activity section, and we must switch to see notes or communications. Can we restore the previous option to view everything in one thread?

A: Combining everything is no longer feasible because of user preferences and technical issues. A ticket has been generated to further isolate and resolve the problem.

Q: Has there been any update as far as doing a whole system pause for holiday follow ups, text messages and emails?

A: No, that’s a bigger feature and it’s not high on our priority list.

Q: What would be the best way to pause every follow-up campaign for upcoming text messages? Would it be going into each record individually?

A: Currently, you’ll need to handle it manually for each record as there’s no mass option. Our developer finds it reasonable to include in mass actions, but it’s not available for now.

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