December 06 – Q&A

Q: User faces text message history mix-up after closing and reopening. Refreshing the page resolves the problem. The user volunteered to send a Loom video to help isolate the issue.

A: A developer is currently working on the issue.

Q: A user expressed their distress regarding the mobile app not caching their login credentials.

A: We are aware of the issue and have hired a third-party mobile app developer to enhance the app, addressing concerns about the app. As of now, we don’t have the timeline of release yet.

Q: Is it possible to connect smrtDialer to Forefront?

A: While there’s no direct integration between smrtDialer and Forefront for contacts, a recommended practice is to “Push to CRM” the lead you’re calling in smrtDialer. This way, you can view the lead in your contact or pipeline if default settings are configured. Our Q&A host shared a smrtPhone article link on how to Push to CRM from smrtDialer. Here is that link.

Q: A user has requested a method for auditing their phone calls.

A: Yes, every call is recorded and attached with a lead. To access them, go to the “Comms Page” in Forefront. In smrtPhone, on the report page under dialer performance, you can categorize calls by status, agent, and campaign. The report includes information on total talk time, average call duration, and permits users to filter by date—providing a thorough overview of your team’s communication reports.

Q: Users reported an issue exporting call info from smrtDialer. Can we push these leads to a distinct area in Forefront for easier data export?

A: SmrtDialer functions as a prospecting tool. Our developers have acknowledged the necessity for an improved prospecting area within Forefront, and it is slated on our roadmap for the upcoming year.

Q: A user inquired about a feature to mass retrieve their call recordings for auditing purposes.

A: Currently, Forefront lacks a mass download feature for call recordings. While manual downloads are possible, each recording must be downloaded individually after using the “Push to CRM” button for it to be accessible in Forefront for a specific contact.

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