August 30 – Q&A

Q: Is there a way that we can look through contacts to find anybody paused? How to check if who is paused in a follow-up sequence?
A: In Pipeline, click on Follow up, in the upper right, click on the Filter icon and choose from the options below it on what you want to filter.

Q: When you’re on your contacts page, if you want to navigate through there, the only option is the side arrows. How to jump to a specific page?
A: We are working on big updates to the Contacts table, in addition to adding a Leads table. Dev team is working on the Leads table right now where you will be able to see all your leads across all the statuses in a table where you can choose the columns you want with some more robust filtering. Once we’re done with the Leads table, we’ll do the same with Contacts table, with better filtering where you can add columns, hide columns, an input field which you can put which page you want to go to.

Q: A red notification popped up, he was creating a follow up sequence. This follow up is at its record count limit.
A: The 1,000-lead limit was actually a holdover from the early days of our system. When we initially created the follow-up sequences, we implemented a system that updates all existing sequences when changes are made to a template. This ensures that any typos or modifications in a text message, for example, don’t affect ongoing sequences. Originally, our system had a restriction where it couldn’t handle more than 500 leads within a single template. However, we’ve recently improved this limit to accommodate up to 1,000 leads. We’re actively working on revamping the system to remove this limitation entirely.

Q: I’m working with cash buyers, and I’m wondering what’s the best way to add them. I know you’re working on a better solution for cash buyers and other wholesale deals. I tried adding them as non-leads, but it didn’t give me all the information I need. Is there a better way for now?
A: One recommendation we have is to use contact types in the contact settings. You can add a specific contact type for cash buyers. After adding this contact type, you can manage it and create custom fields tailored to cash buyers, such as their maximum purchase amount. So, we recommend using contact types for this purpose.

Q: First question, I noticed a problem when I pull up an address under buying information and select “view comps.” It seems that some addresses have comps, but when I uncheck them and return, the comp information disappears.
Second question,
I’d like to add addresses from Zillow to my list of comps in Forefront. How can I do this, especially for properties that have sold within the past 2-3 months?
A: Currently, we don’t have the capability to add addresses from Zillow or other external sources to our comp engine. The comp engine you see now is our first version, and it pulls data from our property source information. We have a version 2 of this feature on our to-do list, which will allow you to search for and add more functionality. Unfortunately, we can’t provide a timeline for when that will be available.

Q: It seems that certain tracking features, like the funnel and lead tracking, are no longer available on the basic plan.
A: Yes, we did make changes to our pricing structure recently. The starter plan now offers basic KPIs. The starter plan is designed for one user and allows for up to 2,500 active leads. Features like the funnel, end-of-day reports, and status automations are available in the pro plan. For more information, please check out