August 16 – Q&A

Q: Is there any way to keep the call recording in Forefront?

A: Yes, you can download them. Recordings can be found in the Comm Logs page. Click on the 3 dot and click Download.

Q: What are the extra fees that users are to be made aware of smrtPhone and smrtDialer?

A: We reached out to smrtPhone and this is what they have to say:

– Subscription taxes in a VOIP system are fees imposed by government authorities on the services provided by the VOIP service provider.

These taxes are similar to the taxes you may encounter with traditional telephone services.

They are collected by us on behalf of the government and then remitted to the appropriate tax authorities.

The purpose of these taxes is to generate revenue for the government and fund various programs and services.

The specific taxes imposed can vary depending on the country, state, or even municipality where the service is being provided.

It’s important to note that subscription taxes are not determined by us ourselves, but are instead mandated by the government.

We are responsible for collecting and processing these taxes, and they are typically included as a separate item on your monthly bill.

You can also visit smrtPhone Pricing Page to learn more about their pricing plans.

Q: How does the funnel (KPI) work? Should users expect to see all the leads in the category that are in the previous ones? Will it be more stats based, correct fields and dates inputted and how to process the lead?

A: We are in the process of revamping our KPI page, and adding a more personalized view that showcases individual reports per agent. While we can’t provide the timeline yet, this Help Article – Stats should cover what you need to know about it. If coming from an imported list, make sure the Created_At column is specified to your preferred date to reflect the stats properly.

Q: The categories listed in the funnel (KPI), what does that tie back to in terms of stage? What makes it show up in a new lead, qualified lead and what kicks it into the next section of the funnel?

A: The campaigns are color-coded and these are tied to the campaigns you make in the Campaigns page. Every time you create a campaign, it should automatically update in Stats as well.

Q: How to sort the funnel timeframe and data to be the same in the KPI’s and also in the account section to have the same picture for all of those stats?

A: You may use the Filter button. For now, you would have to manually filter for all categories in Stats page.

Q: For status changes, is there a way to not have inputted data reset when that contact is in let’s say step seven (7) and you want to go back to step five (5)?

A: Discussions with the team are needed to decide on the appropriate fix, which might involve removing the check. There’s a trade-off between retaining the check and allowing tasks to be recreated, as triggering web hooks and creating new tasks can have unintended consequences. If we accidentally move into the same status, it triggers web hooks and creates new tasks.